Hello, my name is Amanda!
     I am a graphic designer because I had always thought design was interesting before I ever really knew what it was as I was drawn to typography! I love the structure of letters and the attention to detail that typography requires, so I began studying design. Design gives me a chance to create something that informs viewers and helps them understand a topic or item all with a collection of different elements. In my designs I love for the visuals to develop a reaction in the viewer so that they interact with the information. When done well design can truly make a difference in ones life and what a joy it is to create something that can help people. This is especially important to me after working in a clinical position at a hospital, there I saw how crucial it is that design be used to assist healthcare. We all need a little help sometimes and physicians, nurses and all other caregivers really need the help of graphic design to help patients interact with their healing and quality of life! 
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