Hello, my name is Amanda!
     I love design...even when it frustrates me - I still love design. I always thought design was interesting, long before I ever really knew what it was. There was something about the way things looked, especially if they looked well-made and thought out, little did I know that I was admiring the work of designers! Expressing something verbally has always been difficult for me, so design gives me a chance to create a visual that informs viewers and helps them understand a topic or item all with a collection of different elements. In my designs, I love for the visual message to develop a reaction in the viewer and they interact with the information. There is a challenge in taking a lot of information and fitting it into a small space where it looks simple, elegant and effortless that I find exciting. When done well design can truly make a difference in one's life and what a joy it is to create something with type, shapes and colors that solves a problem and makes someone want to look closer! My main goal as a designer is to teach aspiring designers the skills that I was fortunate to learn and practice. Outside of design you can find me spending time with my favorite little boy, Eli. He was a malnourished kitten I took home one hot summer day and now he is a thriving and beautiful cat! 
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