Layout Design + Writing
The hospital was in the process of implementing HRO (Highly Reliable Organization) and the CMO (Chief Medical Officer) noticed a disconnect in departments where staff members did not have an understanding of what their co-workers jobs entailed. This would create issues if someone was out of the office and even more so when there was a new hire. I had an understanding of some roles since I had clinical and administration experience in a hospital. With that knowledge, I used the job duties from a role and broke it down into a step-by-step order that would be as chronologically as possible, with the exception of timing on the return of items, so that it would be easy to follow. Once the steps were established, I wrote the process and with a focus on the typographic hierarchy created a layout.​​​​​​​ *Before this document was created the entire job role was listed on a sheet of paper listing only several steps and it led to many errors in the role. The goal for this layout was to create a document that could work as a detailed instruction manual and provide steps that are easy to follow.*

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